We constantly cooperate with universities to develop research and dissemination projects.

We are active in strategy innovation activities of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, engaging stakeholders and supporting the technology transfer. We offer research-intervention services, through which it tests the most up to date academic methodologies and outcomes.

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We make sure that both worlds benefit from mutual contact. Companies benefit from the strength of knowledge accumulated over time. Accademic worlds gains in vitality and updating to concrete cases.

We combine
with action


Methodological and transversal insights

Monographs, conference proceedings, multi-handed miscellanies: our literary productions are the result of the confrontation between scholars of different background, promoting a 360° vision of the issue addressed. They are the result of the wideranging efforts of our research, both in terms of the variety and breadth of the themes addressed. The collaboration of academics, professionals and experts guarantees the creation of value through an unprecedent model,

which aims to systematize new theories and approaches, stimulating new formulas of thought.

The curatorship and the scientific cut of our publications aim at building a strong and long-lasting base and of consolidated reflections valid both for the scientific community and for the ecosystem of entrepreneurs and managers.

Scientific papers

Vertical insights

Scientific papers produced by professionals and collaborators in the ecosystem attest our commitment to scientific research and aim to consolidate theories developed on vertical topics. They can play two roles: on one side, they define the scientific basis for our events (such as the Strategy Innovation Forum – SIF); on the other side, they report in the academic field the results of a specific research-action or of a business case study,

feeding the debate and contributing to the advancement of knowledge.
Thanks to the commitment dedicated to this kind of production, our clients and our community can count on consultancy of great scientific solidity and add an academic voice to their communication portfolio.


Insights on current topics

The reports are the result of the need to address current issues of great impact with rigor, but also with timing and language different from the academic ones, in order to share the results of some of our research with the community, the thematic focus becomes from time to time the basis for events, webinars or projects designed

to support the strategic decision of our clients or network of managers and entrepreneurs. Like our other publications, they are the result of the collaboration of professionals with different backgrounds and therefore guarantee a 360° perspective of the topic under analysis.


Voice insights

The video collection features a selection of the content we work on every day. In the videos we present some of our theories and methodologies, in the form of interviews; through this agile and stimulating formula,

the main outputs of our ecosystem are then presented, Some examples are the video report of the Strategy Innovation Forum – SIF of the past years or the Strategy Innovation Master – SIM.

We also provoked

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