The company

Ca' Foscari

We are a service company dealing with innovation

We work with both B2B and B2C companies. Among our clients, there are listed companies, high-tech companies, international groups and SMEs as well.

We are a bridge
between University
and business

We make the most relevant discoveries of the academic research

available to support innovation and the re-thinking about companies and their development models.
Doing so, it embodies the fundamentals of university third mission and provides each single company with the most consistent knowledges.


San Giobbe

We empathize, even through a physical presence, our link with university and the world of research.

Venice, ever since a place of environmental, social and strategic innovations, is the perfect setting for the development of an innovation idea, not only including technological features but also culture, art and history.

The seat at the Strategy Innovation Hub welcomes anyone interested in a dialogue on innovation and its several variations.


We are a blended group of innovators

We are managers, designers, engineers, sociologists, psychologists, art historians, computer scientists and men of letters. Undisciplinarity is our trademark, making us one of a kind in strategy consulting in Italy and our major strong point is being able to use each time methodologies, ideas and tools from different branches of knowledge.

Access our HUB, which collects all the services designed on the individual strategic business needs.

Strategy Innovation Hub

We want to sting and provoke our clients

We want to push them beyond their own expectations.

Through creative destruction, we foster and support short-term paths of improvement and deep change, along with the client in each phase of the project.

Our purpose

A legend says that porcupines shoot their quills, like arrows, at those who tease them. Try to tease our porcupines and they will sting you: they will strike your imagination and your heart, amusing, fascinating and frightening you. We have serached for them all around the world and now thet are here to sting you, sting you, sting you.

We also provoked

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