Strategy Innovation aspires to promote the “meaningfulness” of the company, as the creator of new jobs linked to the exclusivity of the territory, and the “meaning” of the company, as the creator of new concepts, unleashed by the variety of the territory and conveyed to customers and society through products, processes, and ways of relating.

A “meaningless” company creates little value for customers and society by apropriating itself of the relevant part of it, believing that the goal is to “split it.”
A meaningful enterprise creates a lot of value for customers and society by distributing a relevant part of it, believing that the goal is to multiply it.

We promote strategic innovation by leveraging creativity, to generate radical change proposals aimed at adapting the external environment to oneself.

We preserve strategic coherence by leveraging rationality, to provide incremental change responses aimed at adapting oneself to the external environment.

Promoting strategic innovation while preserving strategic coherence

Perché no?
Why not?


We cannot give up the temptation of the whynotters to provoke and we shy away from the habit of the yesbutters to preserve the status quo. When faced with established practices, we systematically ask three questions, “Why? Why not? What would happen if?” and we do not accept as an answer, “Yes but….”

If it works,
it's old


We push companies to put themselves in discussion and support them in their transformation path.
A transformation aimed at generating value for themselves and society, according to a process that involves creating innovative strategies to change the rules of the game.

Changing the rules
of the game


We recognize that innovation is a disobedience to rules that has gone well. Therefore, the only rule we accept is indisciplinarity. Within our team, psychologists, sociologists, literati, designers, engineers, economists, and aziendalists systematically confront each other, because “if it works, it’s old.”



We work in the area of creative education of students and enterprises with the highest innovative potential, so that together they will generate the “creativist destruction” of established markets, industries and business models. This is not just a statement of intent, but a systematic practice to unleash creativity.