Transformation of businesses

We stimulate companies to undertake strategic innovation paths

by call themselves into question and change the rules of the game. The innovation we bring is never as an end in itself but aims to produce value for anyone following innovation and then for the whole society.

We change
the rules
of the game

Tailored strategy

We use methodologies and tools that allow us to have a clear picture of market trends and to catch new business opportunities consistently with the corporate identity of each client. Strategy Innovation works, indeed, in a sartorial way without fixed and one-size-fits-all companies.


The different types of interventions IIndividuation


Definition the corporate mission and vision by drafting the corporate manifesto, mission statement and value tetrahedron.


Analysis of the elements of the organizational culture (foundational myth, basic assumptions, values and artifacts) and definition od the areas of improvement according to places, processes and human resources.


Analysis and redefinition of the corporate image and of the storytelling concerning brand and brand expression.

The different types of interventions IIScenarization

Speed Scenario

Analysis of trends and weak signals that characterize and will influence a particular sector. Identification of new critical success factors to gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Immersive Scenario

Translation of trends and signals into future experiences. Utopias and dystopias that become scenarios to be pursued or avoided through the implementation of specific strategies.

Strategic Scenario

Once defined the desired scenario, implementation of the business model that will determine the realization of the company’s future. The future should not be predicted but invented.

The different types of interventions IIIModeling

Innovation Lab

Redefinition of a business model thanks to the creation of a Lab for innovation and for “funnel” development processes.

Sustainable Business Model

Analysis and qualification of the social impact produced and organization of well-structured paths to increase the sustainability of a business model.

Digital Business Model

Analysis of the strategic opportunities supported by the introduction of new technologies in a business model and creation of a Digital Twin Business Model.

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